Effective Speech Evaluations

On August 16th, our meeting consisted of five speakers and five speech evaluators that we call a ‘Speakathon’. Providing effective speech evaluations are a key aspect of our club’s culture.  This culture is rooted in the deep care and concern our members have for one another.  
The members of our club just don’t show up for meetings; their lives are also bound by the friendships they develop.  Each of our members want the best for one another. They enjoy helping each other grow and succeed.
This week, like any week, each of our evaluators gave everything they had to help improve the speeches of the presenters that preceded them. Our members learn to provide excellent speech evaluations not only by observing other people deliver exceptional evaluations, but also by attending seminars that help its attendees develop highly effective speech evaluations.
The excellent evaluations in turn motivate the speakers to achieve their goals.  And that achievement is reflected in the Communication and Leadership awards that the Club received in the most recent Toastmasters year, which were more than any other club in District 5 Toastmasters.
By: Eric Linder, DTM

Eric became an enthusiastic, fun-loving member of San Diego Toastmasters 7 in February 2006. After the first several months of being a Club Member, Eric began to focus on the leadership aspects of Toastmasters.
Here’s an extensive list of his accomplishments:
– Mentored over a dozen SDTM7 members and as an advisor to many more.
– Served nearly every Club Officer role and is a five-term SDTM7 Club President.
– Trained District 5 Club officers for every Club Officer role except for one.
– Served as the Area 9 Director for six Clubs.  Awarded the Area 9 Director of the Year (Making A Difference) Award for 2016-2017 and was also the Area 9 Contest Chair for Fall 2017.
Eric received the Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2018.  But his favorite activity in Toastmasters is interviewing Contestants at Speech contests because “they always have something interesting to say when you give them the chance.

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