A Remarkable Transformation: David Zarella

As always, Dave held the audience’s attention in the palm of his hand when he delivered a powerfully raw, and hilarious tenth speech from the Competent Communicator manual. Photo: Yesica Vazquez
At our last meeting, one of our members crossed an incredible threshold: Completing the tenth speech in the Competent Communicator manual.

David Zarella’s speech was titled “A Remarkable Transformation”.

The man from Jersey recounted his growth within Toastmasters 7. He described his first meeting two years ago which had a very somber mood because our belovedĀ  Club President had just unexpectedly died.

Dave talked about how joining Toastmasters had made him feel part of an inspiring community.

And then he switched gears, with his trademark and hilarious expletive laden style, and launched a call to action to our guests to join Toastmasters, “the members of this club will help you achieve any level of confidence you want.”

Dave touched on why our club is so special, “you become part of a community,” and how he found his own speaking style – “Unfortunately, it’s the irreverent smart-ass style. But I dig it. So you’re stuck with it!”.

That tenth speech by Dave, was quite the emotional roller coaster. He held the audience in the palm of his hand, in complete mastery of the craft of speaking well – I noticed that all thirty one attendees laughed uproariously and shed a tear or two during the course of Dave recounting his journey within Toastmatsters 7.

And having witnessed Dave’s journey so far from the beginning in just two years – I have to admit that it was indeed, a remarkable transformation.



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  1. Christoph Kubitza, DTM says:

    Thank you for narrating Zesty’s speech. You captured it nicely and those who missed it will thank you for that.

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