A Message from Leadership regarding COVID-19

A Message from SDTM7 Club President, Alberto Alvarado, as of 03/15/2020

To SDTM7 Members and Guests,

San Diego Toastmasters 7 is committed to provide a safe environment for all its members and guests.

With the current evolving issue that is happening with COVID-19/Coronavirus, we ask all members to review the information provided by District 5 and Toastmasters International. Each member has been sent and email notice. It has also been included in this posting below.

I feel it is safe to say, we have all received notices, on how to practice healthy life choices and personal hygiene during this time; as preventive measures, as well as collecting information from valid sources, like the CDC website. We encourage you to continue healthy practices and precautions.

As always, it is important we work together to ensure our mission as a club and organization is accomplished. As of Friday evening, we have received notification from our venue that we will be unable to host our club meetings for the next two weeks. Due to this, we are planning to reconvene our regular meetings on April 2nd, pending any further developments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Alberto E. Alvarado, DTM
SDTM7 – Club PresidentDistrict 5 – IP PRM

A Message from District 5 Director, Lucille Shaw, as of 03/12/2020

Dear Member,
The evolving issue with the coronavirus and its effect on Toastmaster Clubs continues to be a growing concern of members. The District 5 Leadership team will follow the guidance provide to us by Toastmasters International and we will post and send updates to our members as directed by Toastmasters International.
Attached you will find the letter that was sent to all club officers on March 9, 2020 from Toastmasters International to share with their members. Letter to Club Officers.
We encourage you to determine how to successfully facilitate online attendance at meetings if you club is impacted by venue restriction. You can learn more about online meetings here.

Lucille Shaw, DTM
District Director
District 5 Toastmasters

Message from Toastmasters International as of 03/09/2020

Dear Club Officers,
Toastmasters International is monitoring the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on clubs and members. We extend our empathy and compassion to those who are and may be affected. Around the world, the impact of the virus varies greatly. Some members and clubs have been significantly affected, while others have been impacted less.

We encourage you and your club’s members to continue monitoring the status of the virus near you to determine how it may affect your club’s meetings. Information is available from the World Health Organization (WHO) here, the United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) here and from your local government’s health and safety authorities.

If some of your club’s members have significant health and safety concerns, you may wish to allow online attendance for those members. If your club is impacted by government restrictions, please notify your District Director so an exception to allow online-only meetings can be granted for your District. We encourage you to communicate with all club members to determine how to successfully facilitate online attendance at meetings. You can learn more about online meetings here.

In recent weeks the Toastmasters Board of Directors has extended authorization to clubs in certain Districts in Asia (Districts 67, 76, 80, 85, 88, 89, 93, and 118), in Europe (District 59, 71, 91, 95, 107, 108, 109, and 110), and in the United States (District 2, 4, 9, 57, and 101) to conduct meetings that are exclusively online.

Visit www.toastmasters.org/covid19 for a message I recorded and encourage you to share with members of your club. You can also contact our Club and Member Support team at World Headquarters with any questions or concerns at clubquality@toastmasters.org


Deepak Menon
International President
Toastmasters International
Daniel Rex
Chief Executive Officer
Toastmasters International