Club Sergeant-at-Arms Role (Officer Blog Series)

*This is a weekly blog series with our Club Officers writing about their personal experience in the role they serve.

Let me tell you the many great things about being SAA! My name is Lou Weimann and I’ve served in this role for the past year.
It’s great to be able to meet n greet all current members as well as guests.  With guests, I briefly explain the meeting and how everything works prior to the start. It’s awesome to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible with a smile and warm welcome instructions so it’s not too overwhelming. As Sergeant-At-Arms, I looked forward to being one of the first people guests see as they try out our club. Anything I can do to help someone overcome that initial fear of joining, like past members did for me and be the person right at the front door to help guests with any questions and/or concerns.

Prior to the start of the meeting, the SAA has the responsibility of “setting up” the room to accommodate all members and guests. All SAAs take great pride in putting the time and work necessary to make the club look the best it can look with all the tables and seating arranged for everyone’s comfort. I felt empowered to be responsible for the set up/breakdown of the room and making sure we have enough supplies to run club meetings. It helped me build leadership skills in a way that if we run out of stuff, I’m accountable, therefore I try not let anyone down by staying on top of it.

Lastly, the SAA makes arrangement and runs our social event – Toast a Member night. This is such a great and fun responsibility because who doesn’t like celebrating the greatness of our members and organizing an event for the club to celebrate our successes.
For more information about SAA, check out this slideshow from Toastmasters International:  SAA ROLE

If this is the role for you, please contact me!

About Lou Weimann:

Louis… actually only his mom calls him Louis… you can call him Lou. Lou came to San Diego to join friends and family and ditch the brutal winters of New England in 2011 and never looked back.

Lou loves story telling, ask his friends… and he also talks a lot in his business life, working for Eastridge Workforce Solutions, as a staffing sales person. It was the desire to be a more concise, confident, and intelligent… well, at least sounding intelligent speaker, were the reasons Lou joined Toastmasters 7 in November 2017.

When not at Toastmasters, Lou likes to go to the latest Comic Book (mostly Marvel, but I guess DC, too) Super Hero Movies with his big brother, Jon. Lou is also an ex-hockey player / HUGE ice hockey fan. In fact, during the hockey season from November till about April, as a local professional hockey San Diego Gulls season ticket holder, you’ll find him at the Valley View Casino Center for every GULLS home game.

Club Treasurer Role (Officer Blog Series)

*This is a weekly blog series with our Club Officers writing about their personal experience in the role they serve.


My name is Christoph Kubitza. I am San Diego Toastmasters 7’s Club Treasurer and a Distinguished Toastmaster. This is my fifth term as our club’s financial manager.

My responsibilities include:
$ Keep the club’s financial records.
$ Inform the executive committee and club members of Toastmasters 7’s financial health by submitting statements on a monthly basis.
$ Facilitate the development of the club budget based on event programming and club officers input.

I am also assisted by Immediate Past Club President, Competent Communicator and Leader, Jose Barajas, in the capacity of book keeper.

As your Club Treasurer in the past several terms, I learned (sometimes the hard way!) that maintaining good traceable records is crucial to facilitating filing of fiscal returns while helping officers develop future budgets in a timely fashion.

What is most rewarding is to see our outstanding educational and recruiting performances translate into positive financial returns that enhances our member support towards achieving their Advanced Communication and Leadership goals.

Questions about the Treasurer Role – don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re interested, I am here to guide you through the in’s and out’s of our club’s financial management.


About Christoph Kubitza:

A Distinguished Toastmaster and a longtime member, Christoph joined in April 2004 after he was laid off by Rain Bird International.   He wanted to become better at organizing and presenting his ideas in staff meetings and to prepare himself for job interviews.

Currently, he’s a Warehouse 1st Shift Supervisor of Kraft Heinz San Diego food processing plant,  home of the Delimex brand of Mexican frozen food.  He’s responsible for a team of 10 Material Operators that supplies 6 production lines.

Christoph has been instrumental in the growth of San Diego Toastmasters 7 serving as a mentor to various members of the club.  He is also helping to grow another club in San Diego, Creatively Speaking Toastmasters. Christoph served as a Treasurer in the past year 2018/2019.

His hobbies are reading, movies, archery, touch rugby, and travel.

The importance of Audience Feedback: The Hype Man and Hype Woman

Public Speaking is almost universally recognized as something that brings great fear and anxiety to most people. It is often listed as one’s biggest fear. Toastmasters is a program designed, in part, to help one overcome that fear. How does one overcome the fear of public speaking? Not in small part due to member enthusiasm.

Toastmasters 7 has many enthusiastic members. Above: Lou Weimann, Toastmaster last week. And a guest, Zak, who won best Table Topics speaker and gave excellent meeting feedback


At the end of our last Toastmasters meeting, one of our guests (pictured above) gave feedback about how enthusiastic our club was. He specifically mentioned how there was a “lot of hootin’ and hollerin’” that added to a very enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere. It was then I realized that I needed to focus some attention on that unrecognized, but valuable member(s) of our club: the hype man and hype woman.

Above is a gif of Flavor Flav who probably brought worldwide acclaim to the importance of the hype man in a hip-hop band. In wikipedia I found this little blurb:

Music writer Mickey Hess expands the term as follows: “a hype man is a figure who plays a central but supporting role within a group, making his own interventions, generally aimed at hyping up the crowd while also drawing attention to the words of the MC.”

That perfectly encapsulates the role of the hype men and women at Toastmaster 7 meetings.

When someone is speaking at our Toastmasters meeting, encouragement plays a huge role in both creating a sense of camaraderie and making the speaker feel appreciated and encouraged to repeat and push themselves within Toastmasters and outside the club.

After the meeting last week, I was talking to one of our members, Sureal Sparx, about some of the other clubs he had visited in the past and he mentioned how one club only offered a polite golf clap after every speaker exited the stage.

Boo to polite golf claps

Now I am not sure about you. But if I am not feeling confident about giving a presentation and I get a polite little golf clap, I’m not sure I’d want to do that again. But on the other hand if I get the equivalent of Flavor Flav hyping up the entire audience to be the most enthusiastic they’ve ever been – I am going to exit the stage feeling pretty good about myself and inspired to push myself further.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to our many hype men and women: The Lynettes and Albertos, the Yesicas and the Sureals, the Corinnas and the Christophs.

I can promise you this: if you come to one of our meetings,

you will leave feeling pumped

and ready to tackle anything life throws at you.


Much appreciation to our creative writer:  Sam Ollinger!

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