What Did I Miss: 10/29/2020

Last night we our Vice President of Membership, Sureal Sparx, led the meeting as our Toastmaster. His theme was “Slow Down To Speed Up” and the word of the week was “calm.” And Surreal taught us, and the many guests, some of the secrets of being calm.

In her Pledge & Inspiration, Club Secretary Kris Manske, explained that her internet connection has been stable and dependable throughout the pandemic…until she had a very important presentation. In the interest of Halloween tomorrow, I’m going to purposely leave that on a cliffhanger. You’re welcome.

Antonio Garcia led Table Topics by using the word of the week, “calm” to ask questions about what the calmest place, music, or person is. Chris Hammell won the Best Table Topics Speaker ribbon by talking about the calmest person he knows, his father.

In the manual speeches Gregory Pitts, took home the Best Speaker ribbon for delivering a speech about choosing your priorities. After choosing work for so long, he’s shifted to family and he’s moving back to New York to be closer to the people he loves the most.

In 1976, Club Vice President of Education, Christoph Kubitza stumbled in on leadership when he convinced his fellow Rugby players to assemble for practice. As his life experience grew (French military service, Toastmasters), so did his leadership skills. That’s right, Christoph was in the military. (Because Halloween is tomorrow…) That would explain the sudden, unexplained disappearances in your neighborhood.

Area 14 Director, Corinna Koehler, talks to us about the different mentors (her mother, her friend, Mike, and our very own Christoph) in her life and their different styles. She then talks about her own experience mentoring at Club 7.

Our first time General Evaluator, Manny Thosy, did a great job running that section and evaluating the meeting. (And again, because it’s Halloween…) During his evaluation of the meeting, Christoph appeared behind him. I tried to scream, “Christoph is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!!”, but I forgot to take myself off of mute and Manny has been missing since last night….

Also, there is one more contest being run by one of our members, Matt Corrales.

November 14 @ 8:30am: Matt Corrales, Area 23 Director (https://d5tm.org/event/northern-division-online-area-contests-area-18-23/)

Club 7 hopes you have a glorious and safe Halloween.

Chris Hammell, DTM