What Did I Miss: 10/29/2020

Last night we our Vice President of Membership, Sureal Sparx, led the meeting as our Toastmaster. His theme was “Slow Down To Speed Up” and the word of the week was “calm.” And Surreal taught us, and the many guests, some of the secrets of being calm.

In her Pledge & Inspiration, Club Secretary Kris Manske, explained that her internet connection has been stable and dependable throughout the pandemic…until she had a very important presentation. In the interest of Halloween tomorrow, I’m going to purposely leave that on a cliffhanger. You’re welcome.

Antonio Garcia led Table Topics by using the word of the week, “calm” to ask questions about what the calmest place, music, or person is. Chris Hammell won the Best Table Topics Speaker ribbon by talking about the calmest person he knows, his father.

In the manual speeches Gregory Pitts, took home the Best Speaker ribbon for delivering a speech about choosing your priorities. After choosing work for so long, he’s shifted to family and he’s moving back to New York to be closer to the people he loves the most.

In 1976, Club Vice President of Education, Christoph Kubitza stumbled in on leadership when he convinced his fellow Rugby players to assemble for practice. As his life experience grew (French military service, Toastmasters), so did his leadership skills. That’s right, Christoph was in the military. (Because Halloween is tomorrow…) That would explain the sudden, unexplained disappearances in your neighborhood.

Area 14 Director, Corinna Koehler, talks to us about the different mentors (her mother, her friend, Mike, and our very own Christoph) in her life and their different styles. She then talks about her own experience mentoring at Club 7.

Our first time General Evaluator, Manny Thosy, did a great job running that section and evaluating the meeting. (And again, because it’s Halloween…) During his evaluation of the meeting, Christoph appeared behind him. I tried to scream, “Christoph is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!!”, but I forgot to take myself off of mute and Manny has been missing since last night….

Also, there is one more contest being run by one of our members, Matt Corrales.

November 14 @ 8:30am: Matt Corrales, Area 23 Director (https://d5tm.org/event/northern-division-online-area-contests-area-18-23/)

Club 7 hopes you have a glorious and safe Halloween.

Chris Hammell, DTM

What Did I Miss: 10/8/2020 (and surprise announcement at the bottom)

Celebration was the theme of the meeting this week and the word of the week was jovial and there was no one better to lead that meeting than Elaine “Cookie” Dusetzina with help from her two daughters.

Table Topics Master, Budd Barmeyer, asked questions that contained the theme and we were treated to everything from people’s best celebrations to why we should celebrate even small victories. For his answer on remembering to celebrate these small victories, Alberto Alvarado was voted Best Table Topics Speaker before flying away in a helicopter (I know you thinking I’m lying, but if you weren’t there…it totally happened).

Corinna Koehler talked about her early mistakes in trying to be a leader. She was one of two extremes, a micromanager or a best friend. Today she’s found a leadership style that allows her to develop her team’s skills while keeping them focused on their goals. I handed her my application after the meeting (again, if you think I’m lying but weren’t there, you should come next week).

Ruben Figueroa, talked about one of the first Coronavirus cases which included a stint in the hospital followed by reinfection and a subsequent re-hospitalization. He discussed the many symptoms and the damage scientists are finding in the lungs and the pancreas. He didn’t have time to discuss the vaccine and the crowd booed him vigorously (look, if you don’t want to come to a meeting, you’re going to have to take my word for it).

Sureal Sparx introduced us to the idea that choosing your own name as an adult could help you craft the person you want to be and make you feel more in control of your life. Further, it can be the key to adulthood – a real benchmark in which you can change your name and feel empowered to take control of your life. He even had learning steps when you’re a certain age like being able to explore your values. For this novel and thought out approach, he earned the Best Speaker vote….before ascending to heaven on a cloud (okay fine, all of the last sentences of the speaker summaries are lies – you should still show up and see these amazing speeches in person).

Alberto Alvarado led a well-prepared evaluation team. Antonio Garcia won Best Evaluator with an evaluation of Sureal’s speech which included specific, supportive ways in which he could improve. Antonio pointed out that he and Sureal started around the same time so it should be no surprise that they both walked away with Best Speaker and Evaluator last night.

Next week is our Open House and our Club President, Jon Berman is going to lead us to glory!

And, as a reminder, Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella and International Speech Champ, Bob Dietrich are going to the Area 9 Contest to represent us Saturday, October 17thBookmark this page, https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-9/ , and stay tuned for more information.

Also, there several other contests being run by our members who are serving the district as Area Directors and they could use our help. Please reach out to any of them if you are free on the following days.

October 10 @10am: Sureal Sparx, Area 1 & 6 Contest (https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-areas-1-6/)

October 17 @9:30am: Elaine Dusetzina, Area 9 Director – Bob Dietrich and Dave Zarella are competing here (https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-9/)

October 24 @10am: Corinna Koehler, Area 14 Director (https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-12-14/)

November 14 @ 8:30am: Matt Corrales, Area 23 Director (https://d5tm.org/event/northern-division-online-area-contests-area-18-23/)

I hope you’re all doing well,

Chris Hammell, DTM

November 12 @ 6-8:15pm (Gavel drop at 6:30pm): Toastmasters meeting will be replaced with Table Topics Mania on the outside patio at DiMille’s. Members only. RSVP here: https://tinyurl.com/sd7pizza

What Did I Miss: 9/10/2020

Last night, I was late to the party. What can I say? I still had a great time.

Christoph Kubitza led our first post-contest meeting with a full agenda and many guests.

According to Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella’s General Evaluator report, I missed a lot of great things. I missed Kalina Cardoso’s Table Topics session and Kris Manske’s Pledge and Inspiration which got a positive nod. I also missed Jeremy Johnson’s opening as our Presiding Officer.

For Table Topics, guest, Sam Lance ran away with the ribbon as the other contestants chased him (okay, that didn’t really happen in a Zoom meeting but if it were a physical meeting, you guys would have freaked and looked for video of the event).

I came late during Joyce Joyce Persichilli’s speech. From what I gathered from the final two minutes of her speech and International Speech Champ, Jon Berman’s evaluation, she reflected on enjoying the simple pleasures despite the pandemic including using Zoom to connect with family (unless they are very young…then it’s like herding cats).

Corinna Koehler led a talk about all of the ‘unnecessary knowledge’ she has. Do you know why you get a bit of fabric along with the button for a button-up shirt? Do you know what the ‘57’ on a bottle of Heinz Ketchup is for? Then you should have been there. I can’t unlearn any of this – THERE IS NO SPOON…I’m sorry…I can see the Matrix.

Best Speaker of the Evening, Sureal Sparx, spoke about the importance of understanding your audience. Do you know what questions to ask? Do you know how to speak in a way that is familiar to them? Then you should have been there (did I copy and paste this from Corinna’s summary?…maybe, but you can’t prove it). The next time you talk to an audience and their eyes glaze over, you’ll wish you had been here.

And what about Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella’s evaluations team? International Speech Champ, Jon Berman’s evaluation of Joyce Joyce Persichilli’s speech earned him the Best Evaluator ribbon. Meanwhile, Bob Dietrich, Manny Thosy, Antonio Garcia, and club Alumni and all-around-good-guy, Dusstin Coyote did a great job delivering their evaluations.

I hope you can all make the meeting next week as first-time Toastmaster, Manny Thosy will be leading.

Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella and International Speech Champ, Jon Berman are going to the Area Contest to represent us Saturday, October 17thBookmark this page, https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-9/ , and stay tuned for more information.

I hope you’re all doing well,

Chris Hammell, DTM