What Did I Miss: 10/22/2020

Last night we had fun and plenty of guests to get to know. Our Club Treasurer, and District 5 Club Growth Director, Joyce Persichilli led the meeting as our Toastmaster. Her theme was “If Only” and her word of the week was “Desideratum” (it was hard to pronounce but a lot of people managed to say it including the two guests who participated in Table Topics).

In his Pledge & Inspiration, Ruben Figueroa drove the 76 to Temecula where he reflected on feeling burnt out. He came to the conclusion that the material things he wanted were taking away from the things that would really fulfill him. He wants to place more emphasis on things that matter to him like meditating and exercising.

The meeting Timer, Greg Pitts, cleverly used green Granny Smith apples, lemons, and strawberry backgrounds to help speakers stay within time. In the absence of the timer light and laminated construction paper we use in person, I’m increasingly impressed with the ways timers are coming up ways to adapt and communicate the times.

Vice President of Education Christoph Kubitza led Table Topics by using the theme, “If only” to begin his questions and the respondents would start their answer with, “I would.” Area 9 Humorous Speech Runner-Up, Dave Zarella explained that if his pizza oven had wheels it would go everywhere with him and he’d sell pizza and eat it everywhere. Kalina Cardoso dreamed that if she had a genie, she’d wish for world peace and ocean-front property. Area 9 Director, Elaine Dusetzina (who held an excellent contest last weekend in which Bob Dietrich and Dave Zarella both took home 2nd place in their respective categories), said she would be able to remember everything she is studying to pass her upcoming Health & Wellness Certificate boards. Guest Freddy, said if he could make Quantum Leaps, he would make a movie like the film, “Jumper.” Guest Morgan won the Best Table Topics Speaker ribbon by daydreaming a reality where she could fly to Hawaii and to New York and be able to go and experience anything she wants.

Club Secretary, Kris Manske, took home the Best Speaker ribbon for delivering a speech about making small, incremental changes and embracing imperfection. She encouraged us to try something new and make small changes in things we’re already doing by taking small steps. All of the resources she generously posted in last night’s chat are at the bottom of this blog.

Lane Seidman took us through the seedy underbelly of downtown San Diego after midnight, armed with bolt cutters, on the prowl for…Comic Con Banners? It was a hilarious heist story that ends when he convinces someone else to break the law and sell him city property. The result is two banners that made Chris Hammell’s mouth water.

Vice President of Membership, Sureal Sparx, explained the life-changing lessons he learned from his amazing Grandmother. #1 Feel unconditional love & trust. #2 You only have one life, make the most of it. Sureal is living both lessons daily.

Jeremy Johnson did double duty as our Presiding Officer and General Evaluator. Even though it was impromptu, he ran the evaluation portion AND delivered an amazing General Evaluator’s report of the entire evening.

Chris Hammell took home (or stayed home?) the Best Evaluator ribbon for his feedback of Lane’s amazing speech (a speech he (or should I say, I) enjoyed very much).

Tomorrow, Oct 24th, Area 14 Director, Corinna Koehler has organized a speech contest so feel free to log in and watch as amazing speakers deliver great speeches and support Corinna: https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-12-14/

Also, there is one more contest being run by one of our members who are serving the district as Area Directors and they could use our help. Please reach out to him if you are free November 14th.

November 14 @ 8:30am: Matt Corrales, Area 23 Director (https://d5tm.org/event/northern-division-online-area-contests-area-18-23/)

I hope you’re all doing well,

Chris Hammell, DTM

PS: Here are the resources from Kris Manske’s speech:

Mini Habits – Smaller Habits, Bigger Results (Stephen Guise)

Source of the “1 push up” idea

Free list of mini habit ideas:

Nudge – Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness (Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein)

Source of the “1% per year increase” idea and many other “nudges”

I Will Teach You to Be Rich (Ramit Sethi)

Automate your finances

Book listed above – many ideas also covered in this podcast:


Happier with Gretchen Rubin (podcast) – Source of quotes “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” and “A 20-minute walk is better than the 3 mile run I never start…”


Podcast about manipulative self-improvement messaging:



The 76 to Temecula, Granny Smith apples, pizza oven on wheels, ocean-front property, Health & Wellness Certification Boards, Quantum Leaps, the 5-minute pick-up, banner heist, and life-changing lessons.  Feel left out? See you next week.