What Did I Miss: 9/17/2020

With the power of positivity (the theme was Positivity), Manny Thosy made his debut as the Toastmaster of the Evening and led a great evening packed with members and plenty of guests.

Past President (and all-around good-guy), Jose Barajas, led our table topics session where participants pitched different ideas. Elizabeth, one of our guests, took the best Table Topics ribbon for her answer on glassblowing.

Kalina Cardoso’s speech project was to revisit a previous speech. She spoke about inner-work to unpack our baggage. I had seen the speech before and enjoyed it the second time as well. If you missed it both times…maybe you hate fun.

Best Speaker winner, Matt Corrales, enlisted a family member to demonstrate how to spot a Covid-iot (though no advice on how best to repel them).

Jacob Hilt led his first evaluation team as the General Evaluator. International Speech Champ, Jon Berman’s evaluation of Kalina’s excellent speech (Jacob described it as ‘thorough and constructive’), nabbed him the Best Evaluator ribbon for the second week in a row.

And, for the first time in memory, because we didn’t have a third speaker, we had extra time so Jose Barajas returned and we were treated to more Table Topics. During her answer, Kris Manske even gave us a tour of her crib and showed us a new gadget helping her get more organized (…now I’m wondering if that was hidden advertising…hmmmm).

And, as a reminder, Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella and International Speech Champ, Jon Berman are going to the Area Contest to represent us Saturday, October 17thBookmark this page, https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-9/ , and stay tuned for more information.

I hope you’re all doing well,

Chris Hammell, DTM


To access the schedule, go to toastmasters7.org, click “Members Only”, click “Schedule”, go to the bottom of the screen and click “Open Schedule.”  

Or you can go to https://sites.google.com/a/toastmasters7.org/intranet/schedule, then go to the bottom of the screen and click “Open Schedule.”.

On the schedule, you can see previous weeks (most are hidden to make it easier to view, but you can unhide the columns to look at everything in the current Toastmasters year if you have the proper permissions).

Club Secretary, Kris Manske updates each week’s schedule with what happened at the meeting. She highlights in red, each ribbon winner. If you scroll down, she also puts in each Table Topics speaker so we know who spoke. If you keep scrolling down, she also puts in what we discussed under Club Business and lists all of the guests as well as the members who didn’t have roles on the agenda.

We use the schedule to answer a variety of questions. Christoph uses it for the metrics used to give out the awards like Best Toastmaster of the Year in our club. I use it to remind myself of what happened at the meeting so I can compose a “what you missed” blog.

The VPM can use it to see how many times a guest has attended so they can ask a prospective member to join. When I was VPE, I could see who hadn’t given a speech in a while so I could ask them if they’d like to. As VPE, I could also see if someone hadn’t had any role in a while and try to encourage them to get on the agenda. I haven’t done all of the roles in the club so I’m sure there are other ways people use the schedule to answer questions.

The schedule is an accurate record of who did what at the meeting and who attended. And our google drive has Master Schedules for previous years as well. As a member you have access to it as well so take a look and see if it doesn’t answer some questions for you as well.

What Did I Miss: 9/10/2020

Last night, I was late to the party. What can I say? I still had a great time.

Christoph Kubitza led our first post-contest meeting with a full agenda and many guests.

According to Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella’s General Evaluator report, I missed a lot of great things. I missed Kalina Cardoso’s Table Topics session and Kris Manske’s Pledge and Inspiration which got a positive nod. I also missed Jeremy Johnson’s opening as our Presiding Officer.

For Table Topics, guest, Sam Lance ran away with the ribbon as the other contestants chased him (okay, that didn’t really happen in a Zoom meeting but if it were a physical meeting, you guys would have freaked and looked for video of the event).

I came late during Joyce Joyce Persichilli’s speech. From what I gathered from the final two minutes of her speech and International Speech Champ, Jon Berman’s evaluation, she reflected on enjoying the simple pleasures despite the pandemic including using Zoom to connect with family (unless they are very young…then it’s like herding cats).

Corinna Koehler led a talk about all of the ‘unnecessary knowledge’ she has. Do you know why you get a bit of fabric along with the button for a button-up shirt? Do you know what the ‘57’ on a bottle of Heinz Ketchup is for? Then you should have been there. I can’t unlearn any of this – THERE IS NO SPOON…I’m sorry…I can see the Matrix.

Best Speaker of the Evening, Sureal Sparx, spoke about the importance of understanding your audience. Do you know what questions to ask? Do you know how to speak in a way that is familiar to them? Then you should have been there (did I copy and paste this from Corinna’s summary?…maybe, but you can’t prove it). The next time you talk to an audience and their eyes glaze over, you’ll wish you had been here.

And what about Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella’s evaluations team? International Speech Champ, Jon Berman’s evaluation of Joyce Joyce Persichilli’s speech earned him the Best Evaluator ribbon. Meanwhile, Bob Dietrich, Manny Thosy, Antonio Garcia, and club Alumni and all-around-good-guy, Dusstin Coyote did a great job delivering their evaluations.

I hope you can all make the meeting next week as first-time Toastmaster, Manny Thosy will be leading.

Humorous Speech Champ, Dave Zarella and International Speech Champ, Jon Berman are going to the Area Contest to represent us Saturday, October 17thBookmark this page, https://d5tm.org/event/southern-division-online-area-contests-area-9/ , and stay tuned for more information.

I hope you’re all doing well,

Chris Hammell, DTM

What Did I Miss: 9/3/2020

What did you miss last night?

In the Humorous Speech contest, First Place winner, Dave Zarella, compared masks to having a used diaper taped to your face. Second place, Tomo Osako, talked about the pitfalls of online dating. And Kris Manske demonstrated the shell-shock of your social media feed.

In the International Speech contest, First Place winner, Jon Berman, showed us a world upside down and how it inspired him. Second place, Bob Dietrich, introduced us to his Guardian Angel, Sarah. And Jeremy Johnson showed us a life changed from anguish to accomplishment.

Dave and Jon will be going to the Area Contest to represent us Saturday, October 17th. While there aren’t any events posted to https://d5tm.org/district-calendar/ , stay tuned for more information.

If you want to learn more about the contests, the rulebook is good for club, area, division, and district level contests. We organize our contest according to the rules so that our club members can participate, perform functions, and even lead at higher level contests. That’s why you see so many of your fellow club members at higher level contests and serving is various district roles. This club produces leaders and the contests help us build them. Here is a link to the contest information: https://www.toastmasters.org/-/media/df5b90486396457dade944becca89cf0.ashx

Next week, Commander Christoph Kubitza, is going to lead us into our first post-contest meeting.

I hope you’re all doing well and I’d love to see you next week (and the week after, and the week after that, and the week after that)!

Chris Hammell, DTM

What Did I Miss: 8/27/2020

Last night, San Diego Toastmasters 7 rocked Zoom with 6 guests and members galore!

Jon Berman led a star-packed meeting and Yesica (Table Topics), Joyce (Evaluator), and Kris (Speaker) walked away with “Best of” ribbons (which were well-earned). Yesica emphatically answered a Table Topic about what her mentors have meant to her while Joyce gave a specific and supportive evaluation of Kalina’s speech.

What did you miss? Believe me when I say the summaries don’t do the speeches justice.

Kris took the ribbon for her speech about how to protect yourself if you don’t have a martial arts background or firearm. It involves standing up straight to increase your situational awareness, listening to your intuition (because it is smarter than you), defining and enforcing your boundaries (please give me six feet), and keep yourself in physical condition. Kris is a master of self-defense and kicking ass and made her speech entry level for the rest of us without her skills.

Manny talked about being a germaphobe after an experience in his microbiology class. He walked us through why you shouldn’t allow shoes in the house. Manny also let us know that during the pandemic, he’s fine. He’s obeying the experts while trying to focus on good things and not allow his mind to hover over the negative. This speech best fit Jon’s theme which was awareness. Manny stays aware of what he’s thinking and actively tries to control it. It’s a good lesson even if you aren’t a germaphobe.

Kalina took us through the question, does self-help work? It turns out that there is no one solution to all problems but you have to use the things you learn and keep in mind that inner-work is not about perfection, it’s about progress. And Kalina sees a lot of progress in her life. As a professional coach, she teaches that progress and benefits from it. As Toastmasters, we strive to do a little better each time but a professional coach can help you ‘unpack your baggage.’

If you weren’t there, you missed three great speeches AND great evaluations. So what did the Table Topics Speakers talk about? Table Topics was led by yours truly. As I said, Yesica talked about the role mentors in and out of Toastmasters have meant to her.

Yesica has been working in the district at a high level helping other clubs achieve success while being a mentor and receiving mentoring at a very high level. She was even mentored by our member Joyce who ran the entire district. But to be fair, who hasn’t Joyce mentored by answering the complicated questions we ask her?

Bob talked about how he feels about me (I think he’s obsessed – hey, you weren’t there). And guests, Eric G talked about what makes a birthday great and Cole spoke about how his life would be different if he were raised by his best friends’ parents instead of his own. All of the responses were different, some were impassioned like Yesica, silly like Bob’s, or thoughtful like Eric G’s and Cole’s. It was a terrific table topics session if I do say so myself (and I do).

Next week, Sept 3, San Diego Toastmasters 7 is holding the International Speech & Humorous Speech contest. I am the Toastmaster of the Evening that night and I hope that you won’t be reading a summary about the contest, you’ll have lived it.

I hope you’re all doing well and I’d love to see you all at the contest (and the week after, and the week after that, and the week after that)!

Chris Hammell, DTM